iMagic Inventory

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We've been develping software for over 25 years, we've followed the changes in technology since the beginning of personal computing. Originally we only wrote custom software for businesses, this worked well but we found that many Businesses couldn't afford bespoke solutions. So we started to develop off the shelf solutions that could be tailored by the business owners themseleves. This allowed us to cut costs and offer lower cost solutions, such as iMagic Inventory.

Since those humble beginnings iMagic has developed software for multinational companies including BancTec, Barclays Bank, Telstra and IBM. Each time the software has been re branded in the respective colours of the company.

Today iMagic develops directly for and to customers using it's own brand and style. From off the shelf products to tailor made solutions that rival that of any software house. The intention is to move toward direct selling and away from the big brand reselling that dominated our approach in the 90s.

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