iMagic Inventory

Available Editions for iMagic Inventory

For most users the Standard Edition of iMagic Inventory would be sufficient, it covers all of the inventory management and control that would be required. If however you're needing something different you may want to consider some of the other iMagic Inventory Editions we have available.

Standard Desktop Edition

For most users the Standard Desktop Edition installs on your Windows based PC or Tablet PC. You'd download and install it, your information is stored and kept safe on your PC.

iMagic Inventory for SQL Server

The Standard Edition above can be extended using the iMagic Inventory for SQL Server Edition. It has the same features of the Standard Edition but uses MS SQL Server as a database. This improves performance when you have large amounts of information or many more users than the Standard Edition was intended for.

Custom Intranet Edition

You may have situations when you want back office employees to use the Desktop Editions but have specific functions available to the majority of employees. In this case the Custom Intranet Edition would be ideal, it expands on the iMagic Inventory for SQL Server Edition with the addition of a browser based link. With no software to install specific functions such as ordering supplies, checking in resources and so on can be provided through a simple web based form only accessible on your company network.

This is a custom solution where we would build the web pages for you.

Custom Web Edition

If you need to access your inventory remotely or on the road then the Custom Web Edition is the best choice. We'll host your inventory on our Cloud Servers and you can access your inventory via your browser either through your smartphone or PC.

This is a custom solution, we'd build the specific system to your requirements. Unlike the other editions it does not use any desktop components.

Custom Cloud RemoteApp Edition

Some situations require access to the desktop editions remotely over the web. In this unique case we can host a dedicated Cloud Server that uses RemoteApp technology to bring a Cloud hosted edition of iMagic Inventory.

This is a custom solution and a custom hosted offer, this is the most expensive offering as it requires a custom Cloud server.

Tailored Solutions

Have a unique business requirement that isn't covered by one of our existing Editions? No problem, we can tailor existing solutions or even build add-ons from scratch.

Still have Questions? Contact Us!

How can we help you manage your inventory? If you have any questions about our editions or how we can help contact us on our support page, we'd love to hear from you.