iMagic Inventory

Fulfillment House Inventory Software

If you run a fulfillment house, you are performing a key role in the retail/wholesale business. Many fulfillment centres handle, manage and ship stock for various customers; in this case the business takes on an even more complex form. The process in itself can be very time-consuming and involves cohesive and seamless operations between managers, accountants, inventory specialists and delivery companies.

Fulfil Orders the Easy Way

The one way of sweeping the cobwebs off this process, reducing its complexity and making it more manageable is to use iMagic Inventory. Our order fulfillment software is one solution that will eliminate numerous problems. When it comes to order fulfillment, even the smallest of errors can snowball into a major flaw.

In a manual process, an employee might end up making a number of typos while entering details such as the product serial number/name or even the shipping address. An error on one single digit or letter can lead to a prang in the system. And this is exactly how:

The Perfect Solution

When you use iMagic Inventory, barcode scanners and bar-coding automatically enters the right product and destination information every single time. In effect, this eliminates all those human errors and improves operational efficiency. The three core functions of a Fulfillment House are to pick, pack and then ship. With our software, you can:

A Prism of Benefits

Having the right tools, can make a world of a difference to your business and iMagic Inventory comes out tops on all fronts. No matter how large or small your business is, our software will provide a solution that suits the size and operational requirement of your company. Our inventory provides you with:

The Transparency Factor

When you handle products for multiple companies, apart from all these obvious points, two factors are very important. The data and information in your software has to be highly-protected and information security is of paramount importance. Flip the coin, and this secure system must also be completely transparent. Your customers should have easy access to information about their products and the statuses. Maintaining equilibrium on these two fronts and efficiency in operations is the one way of ensuring the success of your business.

Building Business Credibility

Always keep in mind that the credibility of your customers' businesses is in your hands. iMagic Inventory fulfillment software will afford your business efficiency and flexibility, without sacrificing transparency. Our fulfillment software can be installed easily and is user-friendly. It provides you with all the necessary in-depth tools that are a must to manage orders, inventory, costs, vendors and customers.

Our innovative and customizable software will provide you with numerous ways to ensure that all orders are being managed seamlessly and that every little function is organized and is on track with updated and accurate information and statistics. We provide you with the most powerful processing tools, a simple dashboard and in-depth reporting. Turbulent times will come and go but weathering the storm is about being well-grounded and iMagic Inventory helps you keep a handle on your business, through every industry ebb and tide.

Download our free Fulfillment house software trial and see the benefits for yourself.