iMagic Inventory

Medical Inventory Software

Numerous healthcare organizations grapple with balancing tasks like inventory availability, high order-fill rate with minimal inventory shrink and higher inventory turns. Some of the systems that are still being used are truly obsolete and belong in a museum and you probably know that and are wondering whether any significantly different system exists, that will solve all your inventory and invoicing woes.

iMagic Inventory is innovation in an avatar that answers every inventory question and provides solutions for all invoicing issues. The value we provide will help in reducing the total supply-chain inventories, go a long way in eliminating procurement process costs and enhance service levels right across the supply chain. We train the spotlight on improving the manner in which the healthcare supply-chain functions.

How does iMagic Inventory fit your requirement?

The iMagic Inventory software is designed in a very unique manner and it helps meet the total materials management needs of numerous healthcare organizations. It's a full-function, affordable, low-maintenance implementation software that has a positive impact on the workings of your company. Eliminate all those non-value-add, manual activities that are an inalienable part of any conventional process for managing inventory.

Hurdles of Middle-Market Healthcare units

Middle-market healthcare units present a unexampled ROI challenge to almost any inventory system implementation. Though the businesses are a shade smaller than large-scale healthcare organizations, more often than not, the complexity of functional needs to solve supply-chain business problems are almost on par with the latter. The challenges that you might face are:

The Peerless Solution

In a situation like this, the need of the hour is easily-implemented software that requires minimal management and consulting time. And iMagic Inventory is your knight in shining armour. We provide inventory and invoicing solutions that are extensible, secure, scalable and considerably inexpensive to deploy. Our software will:

Account maintenance

Apart from all these very evident benefits, faster invoicing also means you can maintain a 3-way match of all your invoices against the purchase orders as well as the receipts. The software helps in eliminating the keying of all invoice lines and in procurement automation.

Purchase Orders

Once a purchase order has been created and authorized, you can send it to the concerned vendor via email or auto-fax. Transaction integration with marketplaces and your trading partners is simplified and you gain peace of mind.

Inventory control

Many organizations maintain inventory such as medical supplies or pharmaceuticals in more than one location. The iMagic Inventory software provides real-time, accurate information at the click of a button. You can record and track all product movement and categorize it by location, expiration date or serial number. This helps ensure that the right product is delivered in the right quantity to the right location. Centralization is the key to running a super-efficient and well-oiled business. iMagic Inventory does all this and more and provides:

In simple words, iMagic Inventory is your genius genie that banishes all the fog from inventory maintenance, updation and management. It gives you a clear view of availability of medical equipment, supplies and any other medical inventory items that have been received, the duration that they have been in storage and the time at which they were dispatched or used.

The iMagic Inventory Advantage

It is the perfect solution for multi-physician practices where record-keeping can get a little complicated. The intuitive-control that iMagic Inventory software offers ensures that all the technicians and medical staff can be provided with ordering capabilities and access, as necessary. This goes a long way in standardizing the procedures and policies within your organization.

Maintaining accurate medical inventory and managing it efficiently, in a fast and simple manner, within doctor's offices, hospitals and healthcare centres is pivotal in successful patient care. iMagic Inventory takes care of all the hard work so that you can focus on your business in an uninterrupted manner.

Download our free medical inventory software trial and see the benefits for yourself.