iMagic Inventory
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 / Alan Wright

Email has been shown to be one of the most cost effective methods of marketing. Find out how inventory software can give you a surprising hand.

While there are e-commerce-based stores everywhere you turn, let's not forget that many online companies running an e-business are email marketers. They work off leads, not necessarily an online catalog. Nevertheless, all websites have similar aims and the intent is to establish an online presence. Some email marketers may actually operate multiple websites, all in an effort to engage their audience.

Anyone who is familiar with the workload of email marketing knows that keeping track of all this information would be a daunting task. This is precisely why inventory/invoice software is recommended for this purpose, even if there is not a lot of daily inventory to manage.

Inventory Software - Valuable Beyond Inventory Tasks

Inventory software does not merely provide inventory lists but gives you the convenience of automating tasks. It can help you with targeted marketing, as every time customers make purchases, the software collects, stores and organizes information. From this database, you can retrieve information about customers, including their email addresses, the products they buy, and even if they request returns.

Now what can you do with such information? It's not just for storage purposes. From this, you can easily create a targeted email campaign for Autoresponder software, customizing products or services according to customer demographic. Since the program stores this information instantly as you work, you can generate reports at any given time or find specific information about purchases, which you can then use to send relevant sales emails to clients.

For instance, a customer could purchase an electronic gadget, which would be recorded in the system, and then be sent a coupon for a discounted accessory to that original item. This is relevant email advertising which is one of the fundamental lessons in marketing, and which can increase repeat sales.

Barcodes Can be Used in Email

One of the best reasons to buy inventory software like iMagic is because of the barcode feature, which can be synchronized to work with a cash register and scanning system. This makes looking up items and sales tracking easier obviously, a great advantage to a store selling merchandise. However, even if your main intent is email marketing, you can still take advantage of the barcode technology.

Understand that many consumers now use their iPhones and iPads (or other smart devices) as a mobile, "all-purpose" unit, rather than bring alone paper coupons. There is now technology that allows barcodes to be printed in email messages and easily scanned from the device itself, eliminating the need for paper.

This is ideal for mobile phones and tablets. The iMagic software is compatible with most high-end scanner devices, and users can also create barcode labels on their own. Worried that this option might not work for your system? No problem, as the inventory system has a failsafe method of barcode scanning; simply type in the numerical code, which works just as well as a graphical barcode.

Lastly, consider that if you don't work with traditional retail and inventory, you likely have multiple locations that store your products. Therefore, you can definitely make use of the iMagic software, since it lets you ship and receive products from multiple warehouses and straight out to customers.

Software is ideal for brick and mortar stores, e-stores, and even online marketing websites that deal with nontraditional inventory or services. You can track everything you sell and store, and do so within minutes. This is precisely what you need for all of your online marketing campaigns: the ability to monitor data, apply discounts, and then automate the software to work for you, helping you to keep things organized and profitable.