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Monday, March 10, 2014 / Alan Wright

Online security is a real concern for many businesses. Are basic security methods enough or do we all need to be computer experts?

Although inventory software is primarily designed for in-store use, there is great potential in making the software remotely accessible and able to connect to the Internet. This allows owners to not only log in and check information, but also to permit correspondence with credit card companies and other financial information. It's a given that inventory software has to be connected with the online world so that the features can be upgraded on a regular basis and so that all information, oftentimes between more than two companies, can be shared as soon as possible.

However, there is always an increased risk of cyber-threats when you connect to the Internet. Recently, major companies like Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels suffered security breaches, which were later attributed to a system hack known as Chewbacca Trojan. Target's affected customer base is believed to be as high as 70 million.

How to Ward Off Cyber Attacks

This emphasizes the importance of keeping safe practices in addition to establishing online security. iMagic does offer secure transactions and works with some of the best designers in the business in terms providing of safe digital transmission and other security features. Still, the best defense against all forms of hacking is to monitor the system, and record or any incident responses.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a channel of the federal government, states that there is a list of employee and manager practices that are standard in the industry when dealing with inventory systems. Preventing unauthorized employee access is one of the biggest threats, and this can be done by having top workers select more difficult-to-guess passwords. To minimize the chance of someone finding default passwords, try to change your password on the system regularly.

If blocking unneeded Internet communication is your biggest concern, then installing a firewall application and using an antivirus program on a regular basis can help. iMagic Inventory comes with regular software pack updates that protect users against known online threats, increase local security, and also repair other "bug issues" that might rise after final testing and release on SQL server edition.

Limiting Security Breaches from Common Places

Of course, retreating from the connected world is usually not an option for thriving businesses. While some smaller companies may be able to justify staying off the Internet completely, or disallowing remote access to files, other companies will find this impossible because of the daily business they generate. The good news is that if you take steps to ensure your operating system is protected (the system works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8) you won't have to worry about iMagic's ultra-secure database being hacked. Some managers do find it useful to restrict Internet access to inventory functions only, and disallow any Internet surfing solely because of the risk of visiting virus-spawning websites or social networking pages.

Lastly, don't forget that one of the most prevalent ways to steal card data is by attaching an external device to POS software and hardware. This sort of "skimming" can be avoided when staff makes it a purpose to not leave front or back store systems unattended.

iMagic Inventory has certainly garnered a reputation for safe performance, regular updates, and impeccable online security. Some of our past clients included companies that handle highly confidential data like hospitals, clinics, schools, and fulfillment houses. With such features as the User Access Control panel, you can manage employee inventory roles and ensure protection with just a click.

Why not find out how for yourself how easy it is to work with iMagic with a free trial download?