iMagic Inventory

Manual Tutorial 3 Creating Invoices

This is the third tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Inventory. This tutorial steps you through the process of creating invoices.

To create a new invoice:

1. Click the New Invoice button on the toolbar.
2. Enter your customer's details or press Customer Search to find an existing customer.
3. Add the items for this invoice. You can add items by entering the Bar Code and then clicking the Add From Bar Code button or by clicking the Add Order Item button. Note you can add a group of items by clicking the Add Group Items button.
4. When you have finished adding items press the Complete Invoice button to finish.
5. You will then be asked if you would like to print the invoice.


· You can remove items at any time by selecting the item to remove and then clicking the Delete Order Item button.
· If you have accidently selected the wrong customer after a search, press the Reset Customer button and then the Customer Search button.
· To use your Bar Code scanner, first click the Bar Code field and then scan.
· Invoice Notes allow you to keep important information regarding the current invoice.
· Select the Warranty Invoice if you need to generate an invoice for replacement items, this will set all values to 0 on the invoice.
· Change the Discount value to automatically calculate the discounts available to the customer.
· Each invoice will be assigned an Invoice No, you can override the next value by selecting Invoices and then Set Next Invoice No from the main menu.
· The invoice will stay active until you either press Complete Invoice or Cancel Invoice. This allows you to perform other activities in the program without losing invoice information.

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