iMagic Inventory

Manual Tutorial 6 Setting up Categories and Sub-Categories

This is the sixth tutorial in a series that show you how to use iMagic Inventory. This tutorial steps you through the process of creating Categories and Sub-Categories.

Creating Categories and Sub-Categories will help you to organize your inventory items. Each item can be assigned to a Category and Sub-Category.

To create a Category:

1. Select Configure and then Item Categories from the main menu.
2. Click the Add button.
3. Enter the name of the Category.
4. Click the OK button.

Your Category will then be created. You can now add Sub-Categories to the Category you have just created. To do this:

1. Select the Category name from the list.
2. Click the Add Sub-Category button.
3. Enter the name of the Sub-Category.
4. Click the OK button.


· You can create as many Categories and Sub-Categories as required.
· To assign an item to a Category edit the item from the Inventory list.

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